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South Main Elementary School

South Main Elementary School

437 S Main Street
Bowling Green, Ohio
43402 USA

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Bowling Green, OH is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, South Main Elementary School. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.


South Main Elementary school in Bowling Green, Ohio was established in 1890. It was the first School in Bowling Green. Thousands of students passed through its halls until declining enrollment forced it to shut down in 2005. It subsequently served as a common space for the arts community until it shut its doors for good in 2011.


Claims of paranormal activity at the old South Main School have persisted since its early days up until the present. Rumors of odd occurrences circulated while the school was in operation up until its final closing. Some surmise that a former school janitor is behind the activity. Disembodied voices, EVP phenomena, phantom footsteps, doors closing of their own accord, knocks and shuffling and apparitions are just some of the strange occurrences reported. This property was featured in the 2018's "World's Largest Ghost Hunt" as investigated by Fringe Paranormal. Please select tag below to see more like this listing!

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Date added: Mar/03/2019 | Last time updated: Jan/17/2020
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