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Thornhaven Manor

Thornhaven Manor

2172 S Spiceland Road
New Castle, Indiana
47362 USA

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New Castle, IN is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Thornhaven Manor. Come explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

Built on fertile farmland around 1845 by Simon Powell, considered one of the wealthiest men in the area and also an abolitionist. Before the structure was built the land was bought in 1821, only 5 years after Indiana became a state. The structure is over 160 years old. This classic Italianate style was thought to be a stop on the Underground Railroad.

Indeed, the prominent families who lived here were pillars of the community. Some were civil war soldiers, one dying in battle defending the north, and some were victims of one of the most diabolical murder conspiracies in the history of Indiana.

There have been around four deaths involved with the people who lived in the house. Amelia Powell was the wife to Simon Powell, who had a child together named Lizzie. They were the original family of the house. 2-year-old Lizzie died in the house after they began living there. Amelia then began suffering from “mental illness” and left to be with her sister in Logansport. When Amelia’s sister when to check on Amelia, she found a note that said she would not be found. Amelia’s sister was then “guided by an unknown power” and wandered to an area nearby and found her sister’s lifeless body in the water.

There was also the story of the Powell sons, Henry and Orlistus. They were both in battle during the civil war. Henry made it out of the war alive. Orlistus, however, did not. Henry Powell lived in the house until his death at 72 years old.

Another disturbing story involves a lifelong caretaker of the house called Ruben Bailey. Apparently Bailey was murdered by his son-in-law, Frank Thurman, who had replaced the sugar in the house with rat poison. It is rumored that Thurman raped a member of the family that ended with pregnancy so he tried to hide the crime with the murder.

Thornhaven Manor was featured on several television shows including Ghost Brothers and Ghost Adventures.  It was also included in the 2018 and 2019 "World's Largest Ghost Hunt" (http://www.nationalghosthuntingday.com/). 

The Hauntings

Many say that the hauntings that permeate this historic building are related to the strange lives and deaths that occurred here. Others believe there had to be something else about the land that caused all the misfortune. Renovations have caused an increase in activity throughout the house, and the mystery is becoming more complexed and chilling.

The house is said to hold many spirits, and one of the most prominent ones is Simon Powell's youngest daughter. She died at the age of two.

Often time you may hear someone walking upstairs while (what seems to be) dragging something on the floor. Often times it mimics a wooden crutch or cane. Could this be old Henry that lived til lived here until he died with some form of disability? Remember, he was injured in the war.

Other reported activity includes strange sounds of furniture, such as a chair, being dragged upstairs on the second floor. Disembodied footsteps are also common upstairs. Some have reported seeing a shadow that blocks a light source in the Servant Quarters. A thermal imaging figure was once captured seen through a window outside.

Folks have captured Electronic Voice Phenomena (digital recordings) of what appears to be intelligent conversations. Visitors are warned (and do sign a release form) that they may feel light headedness or dizzy while climbing the main staircase. The basement is known to be more aggressive toward men. It is rumored that this is were Simon Powell kept runaway slaves.

Are the spirits eager to relive their haunted habitat? Are these renovations providing them the strength and stage to retell their stories for those brave enough to listen? Curiosity has followed this property with popular television features! It has appeared on Ghost Brothers and Ghost Adventures. It is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about haunted locations for the innumerable amounts of paranormal activity occurring on the property.

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