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Willow Court Asylum

The Avenue in New Norfolk
00000 Australia

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New Norfok, Tasmania (Australia) is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Willow Court Asylum. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

This property was featured in the 2018's "World's Largest Ghost Hunt" as investigated by Tasmania's Most Haunted. TMH will be returning to the WLGH in 2019, marking its presence as the most southern point on the earthly sphere in the international event.

It's closure in November 2000 was heralded as the end of institutionalized mental health care in Tasmania, but the imposing buildings remain. Some sections -- such as Ward C, which housed violent male patients -- feature exercise yards
enclosed by high, thick concrete walls with inward-curving tops to prevent those inside from climbing out.

With its thick, steel-framed wooden cell doors and pale green linoleum, Ward C has a lingering atmosphere of sadness, desolation and malice.

Willow Court at New Norfolk has the sinister reputation of being one of the most haunted and paranormally active places in Tasmania. There are stories of staff at the former psychiatric hospital being attacked by invisible hands.

Even today there are regular reports of electronic equipment refusing to work and hinges heard squealing right before door slamming closed, often captured on an audio taped investigative sessions. According to caretakers, slamming doors are a regular manifestation of the strange goings on within Willow Court.

In addition, folks regularly report rooms suddenly feeling very cold, the infamous door slams and reliable cameras not functioning and then starting again upon their departure.

In general, women are noted to be much more responsive to those stimuli than men are for some reason.

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  • Worlds Largest Ghost Hunt Participant
Date added: Mar/17/2019 | Last time updated: Aug/10/2019
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