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1889 McInteer Villa

1889 McInteer Villa

1301 Kansas Avenue
Atchison, Kansas
66002 United States

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Atchison, KS is home to one of the most haunted eateries in the state, 1889 Mcinteer Villa. Come Explore its spooky menu and other offerings with Haunted Journeys.

The Haunted McInteer Villa in Atchison has a very secretive history! One of the former occupants was rumored to have been an FBI Agent and that many guests and investigators have "nicknamed" the Witch, other reports claim she was a retired professional violinist. The previous owners kept this haunted location off limits for all, considering that this house is considered the "signature" house in a town which is known as the Midwest's spookiest location. However, the haunted doors are now open wide for all to explore and Ghost Hunt.

It is rumored that a former resident of the house, Isabel Altus' spirit still resides here. Her apparition has been seen dressed in black. To make things a bit creepier, her original rocking chair still sits at the very spot in which which she was found dead with the pistol sitting on the table next to her. Many passersby describe seeing her sitting in her rocking chair watching the world, these reports still happen to this day!

Need to get a bit more unsettled? McInteer Villa was also previously used for funeral ceremonies and the "dead" would be laid out for viewing in one of the great rooms.

As you enter the attic you will become overwhelmed with the heavy presence of the spirits that still linger here, if you dare to enter the basement, you will soon understand why the new owners refuse to enter down there! With reports of doors closing, heavy footsteps from rooms that are no longer in use and phantom smells--it is just a small fraction of the paranormal that has been encountered here.

Are you brave enough to undertake a lone vigil?This haunted mansion is proudly on the Historical Registry. The property claims is has lots of spirits, including children. Why? Could it be the nine documented deaths, one being a suicide that have occurred in this property?

This property was featured in the 2018's World's Largest Ghost Hunt ... and for a very good reason!

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Date added: Jun/13/2019 | Last time updated: Jul/27/2019
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