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Burrowes Mansion Museum

Burrowes Mansion Museum

94 Main Street
Matawan, New Jersey
07747 United States

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Matawan, NJ is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Burrowes Mansion Museum. Come explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

Built in 1723, the original name to the property was "Middletown Point". Major John Burrowes (hence the tributed namesake) bought the house in 1769 as the base of his agricultural empire. It has been claimed that this building is the first New Jersey company, established by Major Burrowes.

In 1776, British troops stormed the mansion to find Maj. Burrowes, who already had fled. Margaret Burrowes blocked the entryway to the home and boldly refused when a British soldier demanded her shawl to staunch his wounds. Margaret defended her property. She is known for proclaiming, "I’ll not give my shawl or anything in this house to the British." They charge up the landing and a Tory officer hits her on the chest with the handle of his sword, stabbing Margaret through the chest. The injury eventually killed Margaret Burrowes, pulled all the furnishings on the front lawn, and set fire to the house. But, miraculously, the mansion survived when the neighbors immediately extinguished the fire.

On May 27, 1778, Matawan became a flashpoint for such conflict. Foes skirmished at the intersection of Church and Broad. When the Brits reached Burrowes’ home again. They suspected the captain was hiding in the attic and fired gunshots through the ceiling. Those bullet holes are still there.

Many of John Burrowes’s quaint old letters are in existence today, and they show him to have been a loving husband and father. A very interesting one to his wife, dated June 5, 1769, tells of his arriving at New York just before nightfall and finding all business suspended on account of the king’s birthday. He wrote of “joy fires” burning along the streets, and ” fine company moving abroad,” but on every page, he tells in words faded, but still legible, of “yearnings” for the dear ones at Middletown.

The Hauntings 

Although the outbuildings were destroyed that fateful night when Margaret was killed, the mansion remained untouched, perhaps out of the respect for the young woman who was willing to sacrifice her life for her principles. Could it be, also, that shortly after her death, Margaret's spirit was reportedly flickering protectively around the front hall, determined to keep all invaders at bay? We will never know, but it remains undebatable, her spirit continues to have a strong presence there. Today, visitors report seeing Margaret's ghost standing at the doorway of Burrowes Mansion, guarding her home against intruders.

Impressive EVPs have been gathered here, including "Be gone," "Are you the Corn King," or "Your son is dead."

The TV show “Ghost Detectives” filmed a recent episode at the mansion, allegedly contacting the spirit of Margaret Burrowes on the staircase.


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(Proceeds of the 1st book, Precious Cargo, go towards sustaining the historical preservation of the museum.)




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Date added: Jul/04/2019 | Last time updated: May/11/2020

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