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1914 Chester County Jail

1914 Chester County Jail

107 McAliley Street
Chester, South Carolina
29706 United States

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Chester, SC is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, 1914 Chester County Jail. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The Chester County Historical Society Museum and Archives are housed in the old Chester County jail, which has stood on McAliley Street since 1914. Typically, many historical organization buildings are haunted. But mix in a little spirits of inmates, criminals and law enforcers and you have quite a spooky place! If you ask staff if this property is haunted, they say it is chock full of ghosts, very active ghosts!

The main floor is where the former jailer’s family lived, while suspects were processed in the basement and imprisoned on the upper floors.

They have seen it all here! Apparitions, shadows, disembodied voices are part of the norm evidence they get in these spooky spaces. Some of them even have names!

In the basement, which is a pretty dark, dirty space with a century of dirt built up on the walls, lurks a ghost that the staff call “The Trustee", who apparently likes to put on shows for the guests that come for the haunts! Up the stairs to the jail, next to thick iron bars are tiny cage-like cells. This apparently is a common place for sightings. The most common is that of a shadow of a guard as he walks in front of the jail's uppermost windows.

There are many more here, many identified by name! So if you wish to come out the best time is during National Ghost Hunting Day! Here they will be a part of the World's Largest Ghost Hunt!

Date added: Jul/08/2019 | Last time updated: Nov/12/2019
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