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German Village's Carriage House

German Village's Carriage House

131 Village Street
Hamilton, Ohio
45011 United States

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Hamilton, OH is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, German Village Carriage House. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.


Dating back to the late 1800's, this property was the carriage house to the property to it's east side, a massive Federal Style property on Second Street. Near Cincinnati Ohio, Hamilton Ohio's German Village is soaking with history! German Village was the first residential settlement outside of Fort Hamilton.The people were predominately German that lived there. Many of the industrialists established their businesses and residences here. In the churches, gatherings, and bars the people spoke German and it was indeed a German community. A horrific 1913 flood started the decline of German Village, people started moving out and renting their homes and the community started changing. The depression further hastened the decline. By 1970, the neighborhood was a textbook case of inner city decay. The U.S. would soon be celebrating its bicentennial and an energy crisis was on. What better way to become involved in history and conservation of resources than to join in the restoration movement.


When first investigated, no one knew how haunted this property is. Investigators were very surprised at the amount of intelligent responses and evidence this sweet carriage house had to offer. This two story property, has different elements of haunts on each level. Upstairs it appears an African American influence, probably due to previous care-takers of the mansion on its property.This includes Gladys, a sweet and very shy seven year old. She is terrified of dogs, so avoid these stuffed animals, but loves ball and children songs. She is shy, but is talked sweetly will come out of her closet found on the top floor. The first level has three spirits, two female and one male. More information and discoveries have to be made to help identify their history. No doubt, this is a very sweet place to get acquainted with the hauntings and the history of the darling German Village in Hamilton, Ohio. Please select tag below to see more listings like this!

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