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Octagon Hall

Octagon Hall

6040 Bowling Green Road
Franklin, Kentucky
42134 United States

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Franklin, KY is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Octagon Hall Museum. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys. The Octagon Hall Museum, built during the period of 1847-1859, displays artifacts that focus on Confederate Studies and it's archive. The antebellum, eight-sided, three story brick home and is one of only four brick eight-sided homes remaining in this country. Originally, it was built as the residence of Andrew Jackson Caldwell and his family. As the Civil War spread throughout the new nation, Caldwell a slaveholder, threw his support firmly behind the Confederacy. It was known that any Confederate soldier who could make it to the Caldwell’s’ farm would receive shelter and medical care and be hidden from the Union forces that were often following in hot pursuit. There are stories of wounded soldiers dying from their wounds while hiding in the attic. At one point in 1862, the famous "Orpah Brigade" took temporary shelter here, with an estimated 12,000 rebel troops camped here for a night. An estimated force of eighteen thousand Union troops, attempting to chases them, also camped on the Caldwell farm for several days. It is documented that several soldiers never physically left with their comrades and at least two soldiers lie buried on the property. This moving and blood stained history has set the stage for the hauntings that are still taking hold of this property. As of the date, over sixty-two paranormal investigation groups have researched the property and come away with a wide variety of experiences and evidence including ghostly apparitions (many caught on photos) of an adult male in the window, ghostly children playing in the driveway and apparitions in the basement. A ghost that has been seen is that of a man riding a wagon in the back yard. Could this be the original owner, Andrew Caldwell, himself? Specific evidence of hauntings include strange noises as though someone were walking about the house--footsteps, doors moving. The basement kitchen is a particularly spooky place. Many years ago, in the 1860s, there was a little girl who burned up in the fireplace. She was helping prepare a meal for the Caldwells. During an investigation in 2003, the fireplace kettle, which hangs from a moveable arm, swung out into the room, on its own. One eerie story, involved a touring family. The family that had a five-year-old girl recently visited Octagon Hall. The girl wandered around the house and went downstairs. When she came back up, she said that there was a little black girl downstairs wearing a blue dress. She said that the girl was hiding because she was scared. When asked why the girl was scared, she said that the girl was scared because she had accidentally shot her brother. Upon further investigation, there was no girl in a blue dress to be found in the basement. There is also no record of this incident happening in the past. The Hall’s haunted residents have been the subject of documentaries for PBS, The History Channel as well as The Discovery and Sci-Fi Channels, featured in Ghost Hunters, Haunted Collector and My Ghost Story. In 2019 they will join the World's Largest Ghost Hunt to experience the ultimate Collective Consciousness energy influence on such a haunted property.
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