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Belvedere House

Belvedere House

Flat 2, Belvedere House, Lower Road
Haunted Ireland

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Westmeath, Ireland is home to one of the most haunted places in the country, Belvedere House. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

Jealousy and revenge are the key themes highlighted in this somewhat unusual house which is reputed to be haunted. This house was owned by the Rochforts, a very old and influential family who came to Ireland during the 13th century. The 1st Earl of Belvedere was a member of Parliament for Westmeath. He married Mary Molesworth who was a very talented lady and was known in the theatrical circles in Dublin. The Earl was well known for his selfish qualities.

Lady Belvedere gave birth to a son but was very lonely because her husband spent much of his time in London and was known for being unfaithful to his wife, but he was also a very jealous man and he accused her of having an affair with his brother. He took their son from her, built the Belvedere House and locked her in a room in their first estate, the Gaulstown house where she stayed for 31 years. Mary was finally released from her imprisonment at Gaulstown on Robert’s death, in 1774.

Afterward, she lived with her daughter and proclaimed her innocence of adultery until her death. Robert Rochfort initially became notorious for his mistreatment of Mary, and he was known for a time as the “Wicked Earl.” However, as time went on the story was put about that Mary was insane — and indeed, 31 years of unjust confinement cannot but have affected her mind. Many say that this property is allegedly haunted by the ghost of Mary Molesworth. The legend sites that Lady Belvedere's apparition comes forth at certain times, lurking the upper portion of the Belvedere House.

His brother built a bigger mansion, Tudenham, in the valley and Lord Belvedere could not stand to look at it so he built a "jealous wall" between the two mansions which is there to this day. The Wall in the grounds of Belvedere House is all that remains of this internecine quarrel, as Tudenham fell into disuse after the first world war, and is now an overgrown, roofless shell.

Visitors to the Belvedere House Gardens and Park can see the genuine ruins of Tudenham through the windows of the fake ruins of the Jealous Wall.

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