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Twin City Opera House

Twin City Opera House

15 West Main Street
McConnelsville, Ohio
43756 United States

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McConnelsville, OH is home to one of the most haunted places in the state, Twin City Opera House. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

It all started, in 1878, when the city’s northwest corner was destroyed by a fire. After ten years of empty city blocks, the city council decided they wanted to bring this part of the town back to life by building an impressive structure that would serve its entire community. The Opera House was opened in 1892 in a town that is one of the most haunted towns in the Country. When the Twin City Opera House was built, it was purposed not just as a theatre, but also to serve as government offices including the mayors.

This majestic building became the city’s community center for the government and its entertainment and cultural center. The impact of “coming back” was strong, built right over the area that was previously burned down. With this, the Twin City Opera House was born.

Through the years, the Opera House has offered generations of talent that was popular through the times. This included Vaudeville Shows, Silent Films, and later on the new Silver Screen Productions. This mandated the theatre to renovate to full projection equipment around the roaring twenties.

Today, its design continues this purpose, but with an added twist. It hosts the voices of the dead that were once part of this thriving civic building.

The Hauntings

Most of the ghosts at the Opera House are friendly. One of these is Robert. He often makes his presence known lurking on the catwalk. Robert, at one time, was a stagehand helper. You will know that Robert is around, because the room’s temperature may drop quickly and significantly. His voice has also been captured by digital recordings, known as “electronic voice phenomenon (EVPs)”. In fact, his voice has been caught several times within a collection of 5,000 recordings!

Elizabeth is another spirit, a sweet 10-year-old little girl. According to TCOH, she was the daughter of Victoria who was a performer. According to the stories, Elizabeth died of a high fever while her mother was on stage. A digital recording (EVP) has been caught of a female in remorse for what occurred to Elizabeth. Could this be Victoria? Of course, Elizabeth followed with a kind remark of “I forgive.”

The spirits of other figures, which played a big part in the tales of the city are said to remain here. Their presence manifests through apparitions caught on images. One of them belongs to prosecutor Frank Parsons, who committed suicide in the middle of some high profiled murder cases.

Another spirit that has been found in spaces within the theatre is that of Town Marshall, Horace Porter. Porter was ambushed just outside the east alley door of the Opera House. It is said that Porter still protects the alley next to where he was killed.

There is a dark entity in the theatre. His name is Charlie. No one really understands if he is a demon, an elemental or just an evil spirit. But there is no question, Charlie does not interact with good intentions. This entity can be found in the dreaded sub-basement (“The Black Hole”), which lies below the basement where cast and crew would get ready for performances. There is actually a tunnel system that runs underneath the opera house into and throughout the town. Today, these tunnels remain unused. Except for Charlie, of course.

Charlie has been known to almost violently, interact with investigators. He has been known to grab folks by the arm, pushing you around the room. He particularly likes to target women, who will encounter scratches or lightheadedness. For some reason, the encounters are so hard, that many women will end up vomiting after an experience with Charlie. He manifests through a growl or sometimes with plain foul-language, demanding for participants to leave the area.

Apparently, Robert is not fond of Charlie. For that matter, who would be? Robert has communicated that these portals exist within the theatre, one that runs through the catwalk and another that runs through town. Apparently, Robert is in control of these portals. He claims that he can open and close them.

This theatre is absolutely a hotbed for the paranormal!

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