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The Powerscourt House and Gardens

The Powerscourt House and Gardens

Powerscourt Demesne, Enniskerry, Co.
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Wicklow is home to one of the most haunted places in Ireland, Powerscourt House and Gardens. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

The Powerscourt House has been referred to as the jewel in the Crown of Eastern Ireland tours! For she is that beautiful!

Completed in 1741, Powerscourt House was built around and using the walls of a 13th-century medieval castle, and with that, it is suspected to have retained much of the ghostly energies. It is also has a network of tunnels beneath it.  This main architecture of this magnificent 18th-century mansion was designed to capture the splendor of a Renaissance villa.

Powerscourt has played home to interesting historical characters including the O’Toole family of Leinster and witnessed events such as the tragic fire of 1974

The Hauntings

There have been many claims of paranormal activity here, including cited apparitions. People have experienced different things.  A director of the estate volunteered a story of one individual was up on a ladder and they felt someone's hands on their back, trying to push them off. 

Another tale describes a group of people walking into the house and finding a wine bottle sitting in the middle of the floor with the top off, but nobody had been there. One time, a Paranormal Investigation team, Irish Ghost Hunters, heard a voice shouting 'go away' during the preparations. Another one of their team members claimed to have been scratched in the face during an epic investigation in 2013. 

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Date added: Apr/18/2020 | Last time updated: Jun/11/2021

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