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Provan Hall

Provan Hall

80 Auchinlea Road
G34 9NJ Scotland

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Glasgow is home to one of the most haunted places in Scotland, Provan Hall. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

Built in the mid-15th Century as a hunting lodge for the bishops of Glasgow, Provan Hall is one of the oldest (and yes, haunted) buildings in Glasgow, dating back to the fifteenth century. It was built in the mid-15th Century.  Its sibling property is called the Blochairn House.

Provan Hall was home to many powerful figures over the years, such as King James IV of Scotland and Sir Robert Hamilton to name a few. It also hosted famous guests including Mary Queen of Scots, who stayed there as a guest of the Baillie family for six weeks. Provan Hall survived through many violent times such as the civil war and reformation, so it’s more than likely that small skirmishes may have happened around Provan Hall.

It is believed that the energy of these important characters, along with past owners of the house, and others who unfortunately lost their lives at Provan House, have led to lots of paranormal activity.

The Hauntings

Claimed by the Scottish Television Network (STV) as one of the top ten most haunted places in Glasgow, it is reputed to have three resident ghosts.

Within these walls, sightings and inexplicable noises heard from the floors above have been reported. Furniture has also been known to move into the dining hall. During a paranormal investigation by the Scottish Ghost Nights, members of the crew encountered phantom footsteps, inexplicable bangs/taps, and electronic voice phenomena have been manifestations of apparitions appearing within the house and at windows, terrifying those passing by.

Many of the chilling apparitions have been documented, and here are just a few.

  • Provan Hall is haunted by the Phantom with a dagger.  The master bedroom of the Provan Hall House is believed to haunted by the ghost of a 19th-century man who returned from two years of war to find his wife had had a child. With rage, he stabbed his wife and slit the throat of the child in the master bedroom. During a 2005 paranormal investigation, he appeared to a medium as a man with dark hair and wearing a tunic carrying a dagger.

  • The Blochairn House is supposed to be haunted by Reston Mather, who was the last owner of Provan Hall. He died at the Provan Hall House in 1934 suffering from breathing difficulties. His apparition has been spotted a few times, commonly on the staircase. Appearing as a man with a white beard, he is seen wearing black, with a black bowler hat.

  • Mary Queen of Scots and members of the Bailllie family have also been encountered at the Provan House Hall as picked up several mediums. 

  • Father of Mary Queen of Scots, King James V is thought to also roam the spaces of the Provan Hall. Paranormal Investigators who carried out an in-depth probe of Provan Hall back in 2005 believe they came across the spirit of King James V who was a regular visitor to the hall. He appeared to a medium as a small stature man with curly hair, and a beard.

  • The older house (Provan Hall) is said to be haunted by a woman and a boy.  They are thought to be the spirits that have been seen peering from windows on the upper floor. Staff and those visiting Provan Hall have also reported seeing a face at the dining room window. They are thought to have been killed upstairs.

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