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Drovers Inn

Drovers Inn

North Loch Lomond
G83 7DX Scotland

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Inverarnan is home to one of the most haunted places in Scotland, The Drover's Inn.  Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

Three centuries old, in its early years, the inn hosted "drovers" (cattle herders) after which it is named. Each year, the Scottish drovers would make the long trek from the highlands where the cattle grazed to the lowlands where they would sell their animals at the market. The most famous guest of the Drovers Inn was none other than the local folk hero, Rob Roy, known by many as Scotland’s Robin Hood. Another famous person that stayed here was Samuel Johnson, well renowned for his distaste of Scotland with many famous disparaging quoted attributable to him.

In the late 18th century, in the winter of 1792, the year which later became known as ‘The Year of the Sheep’. A young crofting family was forcibly removed from where they lived; their landlords have decided that the land would turn more of a profit if it was used for sheep farming. With nowhere to live and little money or means to support their young child, the family had no option other than to head south in the hope of creating a new life for themselves in the Scottish lowlands, or maybe even emigrate to one of the new worlds.

On their long journey south in the winter months, one night they got caught in a heavy snowstorm. They had been trying to reach shelter and safety at The Drovers Inn. However, with the visibility very poor, and the family being exhausted from their journey, they took a wrong path somewhere on the way. Their journey ends in tragedy, with the family freezing to death while wandering the land, desperately trying to get back on the track that leads to The Drovers Inn.

Pilgrimages from many guests (or seekers of rest) within this rough, and isolated terrain proved the perfect battleground for the cattle-stealing hijinks of Scotland’s warring clans. Many met their untimely deaths battling the elements, especially in the bitter cold month.

It appears that the ghosts of drovers who met bloody ends in these skirmishes are said to haunt the inn to this day.

The Hauntings

The Drovers Inn and its pub are rumored to be one of the most haunted hotels in the United Kingdom, and most of the stories revolved around this tragic story of the displaced family. Over the years, there have been many accounts of people witnessing the young family wandering the land in the winter months, trying to find shelter. On more than one occasion, they have even appeared to have arrived at their destination that fateful night.

One account goes, that a couple who were staying recently in The Drovers Inn, in room 2, woke during the night with a cold shiver. Only to find that the young family was standing shivering at the foot of their bed, their breath visible in the now freezing air. The young boy waving up to the couple, as if he was happy to have finally found what they were searching for.

Another story, occurring on October 21st in Room 6. A couple, after having a bite to eat retired to their room for the night. At some stage in the middle of the night, the couple awoke to dozens of flickering lights, dancing around in the room. The room was pitch black and there was no other light source found to explain the phenomenon.

Room Six is also known to be haunted by a small girl. Many guests have reported feeling her icy form drip water onto their bed in the dead of night. Local lore says the child drowned after trying to fish her doll out of the quick-moving nearby river. She now wanders the halls, and particularly this room, looking for her toy.

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