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Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

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Chernobyl is home to one of the most haunted places in Ukraine, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Come Explore its mystery with Haunted Journeys.

The History

Chernobyl is considered the world's worst nuclear power plant accident because of its widespread release of radio contaminants. To what was officially known as the Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Nuclear Power Plant, its center meltdown tragedy was located in Reactor #4. On April 26, 1986, the Power Plant suffered a catastrophic steam explosion that resulted in a fire, causing a series of additional explosions followed by a nuclear meltdown. The power plant spewed a plume of radioactive fallout which drifted over parts of the Western Soviet Union, Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia, the UK, Ireland, and eastern North America within 48 hours.

The radioactive fallout was four hundred times greater than that of the Hiroshima bomb and was the first level seven-event, described as a “Major Accident” and the highest grade possible to occur on the International Nuclear Event Scale. The Chernobyl Disaster, as the incident was dubbed, is considered the worst accident ever in the history of nuclear power.

The three other reactors remained operational after the accident but were eventually shut down by 2000, although the plant remains in the process of decommissioning as of 2020. Now more than three decades late, the disaster continues to have both a human and environmental impact, with a nuclear clean-up scheduled for completion in 2065. It has also been declared to have a supernatural history.

The Hauntings

Abandoned for nearly a quarter of a century, witnesses believe that the spirits of those who died in the tragic accident still roam the town. At the start of April 1986, the people living and working at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant began to experience a series of strange events. These prophetic experiences actually started happening event before the horrific radioactive accident.

Sightings of a creature described as a large black, bird-like creature or a headless man with a 20-foot wingspan, and red eyes began to be reported by workers of the power plant. The creature would later become known as the Black Bird of Chernobyl. People who witnessed the Black Bird soon started to experience horrific nightmares, threatening phone calls and some had first-hand encounters with the winged beast.

Reports of these strange happening continued to increase until the morning of April 26th, 1986. At 1:23 am, reactor number four at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the former Soviet Union exploded. After the devastating accident, firefighters who responded were unaware of the nature of the fire, received mass overdoses of radiation leading to many of their deaths. Many of the workers who survived the initial blast and fire, claimed to have witnessed the large black, bird-like creature gliding through the swirling plumes of irradiated smoke pouring from the reactor. Most of these workers that reported seeing this bird, would later die of radiation poisoning.

Interestingly, the most commonly accepted theory suggests that the Black Bird of Chernobyl may have been the same creature, dubbed the Mothman that terrorized the population of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, leading up to the collapse of the Silver Bridge on December 15, 1968.

When SyFy channel’s Destination Truth team conducted a paranormal investigation at Chernobyl, numerous incidents were recorded. After donning radioactive protection suits, the team investigated the remains of Reactor 4. They were shocked to see a human figure appear on a thermal imaging camera inside the reactor. Throughout their analysis of the abandoned hospital, the team continues to spot multiple figures moving in the seemingly abandoned building.

Visitors are known to bring in creepy dolls to the site. Many claim they are actually haunting dolls, scattered throughout the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Most, are suspected, to have been brought over by participants of dark tourism trips, who have placed this eerie possession onto windowsills and the beds of an abandoned kindergarten room.

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Date added: May/07/2020 | Last time updated: Jun/11/2021

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