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Union Cemetery

Union Cemetery

830 Sport Hill Road
Easton, Connecticut
06612 USA

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Easton, CT is home to one of the most haunted sites in the nation, the Union Cemetery. Come explore its offerings with Haunted Journeys. 

The History

The cemetery dates back to the late 1600s. When the paranormal royalty of Ed and Lorraine Warren wrote a book about a haunted cemetery, you could only imagine how supernaturally intense this burial ground. The Warrens delivered extensive investigations of this site, published to a book called Graveyard.

While some people might visit Union Cemetery in hopes of spying paranormal activity, they would have more luck witnessing Easton's patriotism. Established sometime in the late 1600s, the cemetery shelters the graves of veterans from most of our nation's wars including the American Revolution and the War of 1812. The older part of the cemetery is proximal to the Easton Baptist Church, which in itself was built in the 1840s.

Today, a celebrated cemetery for many reasons continues to be an active burial ground.

The Hauntings

This is one cemetery that certainly stands out. With over three hundred years of history and fifty years of reported sightings, Connecticut’s Union Cemetery is listed as one of the most haunted places in the entire country.

It is also said that the Union Cemetery is the most demonic burial grounds in America. Beware of the White Lady, said to make nightly appearances as she walks through the graves and stands in the road to scare drivers. She is described as "wearing a white diaphanous white nightgown or a wedding dress" with long black hair. It is on record that famed demonologist, Ed Warren, claimed to have seen the ghost and captured it on a video.

She has been seen multiple times by many witnesses. She appears to be a bit of a prankster, appearing sometime in the middle of Route 59, targetting to be hit a car. Poor shaken drivers would then stop and check for the wreckage caused, to find no lifeless body. Usually, though, she has been reported seeing her floating among the gravestones.

There is a legend about the White Lady is the spirit of a woman that was murdered in the 1940s. Her death is a mystery and has been the center of growing curiosity of her origin. Some say she was killed by her husband. Another story points to another woman who had been killed at the turn of the 20th century. Later she dumped her body in a sinkhole behind the church. The third story tells that the White Lady actually died in childbirth, and her afterlife specter looking for her lost an infant.

Hours of investigation have drummed up entire folders of unexplainable images, audio recordings of a woman screaming through the cemetery.

Others have seen the ghost globules and mists that have also been captured. "Red Eyes" is an entity that presents as his name details, showing himself with glowing crimson eyes that peer out from the underbrush. One witness, upon meeting the entity, he turned and ran away. Shockingly, he heard footsteps following him. Many believe that it was the ghost of Earle Kellog, a man who was set afire across the street and burned to death in 1935. Others think he was a man killed by a drunken driver, who reportedly provided his name to a group of investigators on an Electronic Voice Phenomenon digital recording.

Other phantoms that have been identified include soldiers on horseback and giggling children. Unexplained fogs, cold spots, strange footprints, and glowing orbs contribute to the vast volume of hauntings at this property.

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Date added: May/22/2020 | Last time updated: Jun/14/2021

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