Haunted Journeys

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Seek The Mysterious and Make It An Adventure.

Divinely selected places have a mystery within them that cannot be explained. Found around the world in the most obscure corners, they may be places with higher vibrations or ancient locations where ghosts lurk to tell their tales. When drawn to these places, we define them as Mysterious Adventures. Join us as we discover these magical, mysterious and mystical places.  Here are our hand-picked tours that we collaborated with the finest organizations that meet our very strict criteria. All are small and intimate gatherings, representing the most mysterious places around the world. 

Secret Haunted Journey to Ireland

Imagine yourself enjoying a journey in the Irish countryside, rich in history, music, song, and dance. Now take this thrill to the next level...  Now, imagine being introduced to this mystical island by its Spirits that haunt ancient places during the most chilling time of the year ... the Allhallowstide.  

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