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Seek the Mysterious ...

Divinely selected places have a mystery within them that cannot be explained. Found around the world in the most obscure corners, they may be places with higher vibrations or ancient locations where ghosts lurk to tell their tales. Remember, a Haunting is History wishing to be heard.

When drawn to these places, we define them as Mysterious Adventures. Join us as we discover these magical, mysterious and mystical places. 

Turn the Mysterious into your Adventure...

Here are travel and tour opportunities that represent the most mysterious places around the world. We have hand picked esteemed travel agencies that specialize in spectacular itineraries of the most haunted and mystical places. These spooky tours are embellished with plenty of engaging and twisted group activities as no other tour will! Many include ghost hunts, historic tours, seances, psychic medium sessions, spooky story telling and theme celebratory parties. Along the journey you will meet local celebrities, experts and influencers of the haunted.  All will deliver an unforgettable stirring experience. 

Wicked Wales - July 15-22, 2019

As an ancient land drenched with myth, legend and mystery from its past, Wicked Wales is one of the most haunted locations in the world. Come explore this mysterious adventure with us!

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