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Old Town Julie Brown Julia is a true tourist at heart. Having traveled extensively across the US and abroad, Julia will stop for all curious roadside attractions (like the biggest ball of twine, fainting goats, etc.) and she thrives on recounting the tales of miscellaneous trivia acquired during her journeys. Julia arrived in Albuquerque in February 1997, from Seattle, Washington and has embraced the unique lifestyle of the Land of Enchantment. Julia thrilled guests as a Docent with the Albuquerque Museum of Art & History for seven years. Well known as "The Ghost Lady", Julia has been guiding History & GHOST Tours of Old Town Since February 2002 and is the General Manager. Julia enjoys helping visitors to discover and experience both the past history and the current vitality of Old Town, Albuquerque. The Ghost Tour of Old Town Albuquerque New Mexico's oldest & most famous Ghost Walk - Since 2001! Featured on your favorites shows like the Travel Channel, Weird Travels, The Dead Files, Dead Famous, Breaking Bad - Walter White’s Funeral, In Plain Sight & on Coast to Coast Radio. Come experience us for yourself! Take a fun and informative stroll through the quiet, darkened streets of Old Town and experience the eyewitness accounts of spirits who make Old Town their eternal home of haunting! With plenty of stops to sit along the way, our family-friendly storytelling tour provides fascinating recounts of colorful characters who faced an untimely demise. Professional Tour Guides entertain you with tales mixed with chills and chuckles, this is the perfect Old Town outing and it is no wonder the Ghost Tour of Old Town is New Mexico’s oldest and most famous Ghost Walk! Ranked 5-Stars on TripAdvisor - Hall of Fame Awards for three years in a row with Certificates of Excellence for seven years in a row. Legends, folklore, ghost stories and history come to life as you depart on an intriguing excursion through 313 years of haunted history. Old Town is the birthplace of Albuquerque, founded in 1706, and for more than three centuries people have lived, and died, around the Old Town Plaza. The historic buildings and dark alleys conceal the long-forgotten secrets of lost loves, Civil War battles, murders, hangings, and hidden cemeteries. Everyone loves a good old-fashioned Ghost Story! Professional Tour Guides escort you on a 90-minute, lantern-lit adventure through the scenic Old Town Albuquerque area. You will search for the lost souls of early residents, Civil War phantoms, spooks, specters, wandering apparitions and over one dozen other ghosts who have made Old Town their eternal home. Learn the history and basics of Ghost Hunting as you hear the chilling stories of actual events. Old Town is one of the most actively haunted locations in North America. Residents, employees and tourists have all experienced unexplained phenomena. From actual sightings of full apparitions which seem to vanish impossibly into thin air; to disembodied voices heard in empty buildings; even objects moving mysteriously on their own. Tour is family friendly but is rated “PG” for some real historical information that may be disturbing to younger or sensitive guests. We do NOT attempt to dictate what you should think or believe. Skeptics Welcome! You’ll learn a bit of Old Town’s History, hear the reported Ghost Stores, review the Paranormal Evidence and then decide for yourself the possibility of the existence of Ghosts. Come with an open mind and bring your digital camera. Guests have captured unexplained phenomena in photos taken during the tour. This is a fun, old-fashioned , Ghost Story style Tour. We are NOT a Haunted House. No one is jumping out at you - or if they do, they are not with us! We ae not a Ghost Hunting or a Paranormal Investigation Tour (Though we do those from time to time). We do not use cheesy magic parlor tricks. We tell you the reported Ghost Stories, we share the past history of that location and we show you the evidence collected my various Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators during the past 18-years. Most of the Tour locations are operating businesses which are closed by the time we pass by. We do not usually go inside the buildings during the Tour, we reminisce from the outside walkways. Merchants invite you to come inside and take a look during their regular business hours. GHOST Tours are held most nights at 8:00pm Reservations must be made and tickets purchased prior to 6:00pm on the night you wish to attend! $25.00 Adults $22.00 Seniors (55+), Military, Police, Firefighter, First Responder, EMT, Teacher, College Student, AAA $17.00 Students (ages 13-17) $10.00 Youth (ages 6-12) Children ages 5 and under are FREE (One free child per accompanied Adult - others $5 each) Ghost Hunting Equipment Rentals available for use during the Tour Listed Ghost Tour prices NOT including applicable taxes, tour guide gratuity, service charges, etc. Our Other Ghostly Tours & Events: Toast a Ghost - Haunted Pub Crawl - Spirits with Spirits Spook Troop Junior Ghost Hunting Tour - Just for Kids 10pm Moonlight Ghost Tour Ghost Hunting Tours
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The Ghost Tour of Old Town Albuquerque
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