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My name is Angelina and my team name is Bad to the Bone paranormal. My team has been established for 3 years and was started in the state of Kentucky. My team currently has four team members. I started my team 3 years ago after living in a haunted location for 8 months studying the Paranormal 7 days a week 24 hours a day. I learned from some of the top teams in the world and I have investigated probably about 25 places some being repeat places. I got into the Paranormal due to my fear of dying I felt that it would help me get the answers I need and so far so good as I'm getting some answers and even more out of the investigations. I currently have two new team members who are doing great and learning at a great pace.i believe one day they will be great investigators. Our team seeks the truth about the Paranormal we aim to educate the non-believers and respect all those who have passed that we investigate.. I have specialized in EVPs, video and audio. Two team members are dedicated to equipment and another team member like myself is dedicated to the evps, audio and video. My team and I work well together and our drama free. 
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